James Cluskey

Executive Coach

HC Collective

High Calibre Collective was founded by Ireland’s renowned Tennis Pro James Cluskey, now an Executive Coach who has spent a lifetime delivering high performance. His achievements on the court had him represent Ireland in the Davis Cup from 2006-2015. As a tennis pro, James won 15 professional titles and was ranked 145 in the world.

From a young age, James learned and applied self-discipline, goal-orientated success and consistent high performance on the court, and in training. In 2018, James and 3 others undertook the physically and mentally gruelling challenge of attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the longest doubles tennis match – over 60 hours. Despite physical fatigue, James’s sheer determination and winning mindset ensured that he succeeded in achieving his long-standing goal.
James has a strong track record of building relationships and inspiring people to perform at their best. His passion for surrounding himself with those who inspire him led him to collaborate with many business and entrepreneurial leaders. We’re proud to boast that our founder, James has coached Sir. Richard Branson and his esteemed Necker Island guests.

James captained the Louisiana State University Tennis Team to a Top 10 US ranking and, as veteran of the Irish Davis Cup team, he took on the role of mentoring new international team members. On retiring from professional tennis, James graduated with a Personal and Executive Coaching qualification to establish what you now know us as – High Calibre Collective. HCC specialises in performance coaching, keynotes, personal development and assisted high performance. His other qualifications include a BA in Business and a Diploma in Sports Psychology.
James has a highly regarded warm, personal style which demonstrates great benevolence and understanding. He effortlessly promotes confidence in his clients and helps people build self-awareness and a thirst for success.

James’s coaching style is ideally suited to individuals looking to fully unlock their potential. To date in his career, he has achieved great success in supporting the improvement of employee workplace performance in the tech, financial and social media sectors. His prime focus will always be to empower individuals to enhance their performance in all aspects of their lives.
James has worked with and is currently working with clients including Airbnb, Voxpro, CTI Global, The NTMA and Keeling’s.

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